Paces Consulting and Design is uniquely qualified to help real property owners sort through the many variables of determining how best to proceed when it is time to make a change.

With many years of experience in development, brokerage, and contracting, we believe the most valuable time we have spent with our clients has been in the role of consultant. Just a few hours spent at the beginning of any type of real estate decision process determining the actual needs of the client can pay off many times over with what is an increasingly complicated process.

Some of the decisions and processes where we can help: What to do…rebuild, renovate or sell * Keeping the planning process on track * Selecting the right contractor * Selecting the right selling agent * Expectation management * Evaluate purchase options

Additionally, once a course of action on a property is determined we can provide the following Project Management Services:

Project Evaluation
-Market Consultation
-Options Assessment
-Project Feasibility

Project Development
-Design Consultation
-Value Engineering
-Specification Detailing
-Estimate Creation

Owner Representation
-Permitting Coordination
-Contract Review
-Quality Control
-Budget Management

Full Design Services
Full Construction Management Services
Dispute Resolution Services